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Friday Fav : The Bumbo

WEB spends a total of about one hour a day in his Bumbo. This was one of the things that I didn’t want to go without and made sure we purchased before WEB was born. I wanted to try him in it little by little as he got stronger to get him used to it. Low and behold he loves this seat. It gives him a chance to be a little independent since he can hold his head up by himself, but can’t quite sit up by himself. Now that he is becoming more vocal and smiley, we have “conversations” while he sits in the Bumbo for 10 or 15 minutes. Our conversations go something like this:
WEB: thbsppppppppp
Me: Oh really? Tell me more
WEB: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh thbspsppp
Me: Wow! That’s quite the story…
WEB: [big smile] mmmmmm thbsppppp
Me: Very interesting. Did Mickey Mouse show up, too?
WEB: [big smile] oooooooooooo thbspppppp
Me: How about Spiderman?
WEB: [REALLY big smile] mmmmmmmmm thbsp

Another fun trick is to put him in it and sit him in front of a mirror. He sits there staring at that weird kid looking back at him making all kinds of faces. It’s pretty hilarious.

This is usually a good tool for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a good distraction for him. If he starts to get fussy, I can put him in this and make funny faces or sing songs and he perks right up. Other times it’s a chance for him to chill out for a minute while I throw a load of laundry in the washer or clean out a few bottles. We all know how precious those few little minutes are to get a quick little task completed. We also got him one of those bouncy seats that vibrates, but he could care less about that thing. He would much rather sit in the Bumbo. I think I would too just because it’s a little more structured and I feel like he’s learning how to sit up, rather than just lay there like a sack of potatoes in the bouncy seat.

Here are a few good times in the Bumbo:
These pics were taken at WEB’s Grandma’s house. She saw how much he loved this seat and what a crack up he was in it that she wanted one for her house too. The one at our house is teal. We are a Bumbo-rific family!

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Did my diaper bag get smaller?

How is it that the more I get the hang of this whole mom thing, the more stuff I seem to need to cram into my diaper bag? I just restocked it with diapers, extra clothing, bottles, an extra blanket and burp cloth and it is bulging at the seams.

I have to admit that I have forgotten the diaper bag once. I went to my parents’ house really quick and ended up having to change WEB’s diaper and entire outfit because his diaper leaked poop all over it. So I brought the diaper bag into the house when I was planning on just leaving it in the car. Then I had to leave really quickly with WEB in tow to meet some girlfriends for lunch. I left the house, still thinking the diaper bag was in the car since that was my original plan. After I parked and was unloading the stroller, I asked my sister to grab my brown bag in the back seat. She said she couldn’t find it. I went to go look and smacked my forehead. Duh! I left it at the house! Now I’m 20 minutes away without any backups. No extra diapers or wipes. No extra clothes or blankets or burp cloths. Nada. Not to mention that my wallet with my money and driver’s license were also in the bag…It’s a good thing that I had my sister with me so she could at least pick up the tab. he he…

Maybe I’m channeling my inner Monica Gellar (or Bing) because here is a list of what’s in my diaper bag “just in case”:
– 5 diapers
– large pack of wipes
– burp cloths
– bibs
– rattle
– butt paste
– baby sunscreen
– extra onesie
– extra pants
– extra jacket
– extra socks
– extra blanket
– hat
– beanie
– nail clippers
– tweezers
– plastic bags for soiled clothes
– Vaseline
– Baby Tylenol
– Tide-to-go pen
– plus mystuff: wallet, keys, sunglasses, energy bar, chapstick, lipgloss, compact, oil blotting papers

Ju Ju Be - Be Spicy
Ju Ju Be – Be Spicy
I don’t have a huge diaper bag either. However, I do love it. After lots and lots of research days before my due date, I decided to get the same one Lani has – with her approval of course – just in a different color. Insulated bottle pockets, Teflon coating, and washable are my new partners to fight off those stains and messes that are inevitable. It doesn’t hurt that it’s called the “Be Spicy”…sort of fitting for the two of us I suppose. 
I have also learned my lesson…I now have a small back up bag in the back seat of my car just in case I lose my mind and forget my diaper bag – aka my right hand man – again… 😉
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Mom money…

So everyone is in the loop about the state of our economy, right?  Right?  If you have no idea what I’m talking about then you must have wads of disposable income and I salute you and your this season’s IT bag….now move on.

Anyway, so for the rest of us unfortunate souls, we know that when we have a little cash to spend, it’s a VERY important and almost mind bending decision on what to spend it on.  A night out? A new outfit? Save for a rainy day? What?

Every couple weeks I take out a little bit of cash to have in my wallet…my “mom” money.  My little bit of a payday, I guess, for all my hard efforts to raise an upstanding human being (preessssure)  and every couple weeks i am forced to decide what to spend it on.  And do you know where it goes 99% of the time.  You’ll never guess….COFFEE!!! yup, truth be told, i am a coffee junkie.  an addict.  you know crack houses? I have Starbucks.  My dealer? Dunkin Donuts drive thru (sorry for all you Westies that don’t have the DD…it’s a beautiful thing).  Why does all my hard earned money go to those wonderful Grande Soy Milk Green Tea Lattes or the delectable Med. Coconut Ice Coffee’s (cream and sugar…only way to have it)?  I have a perfectly good coffee machine at home, which i use, every morning.  But for some reason…that coffee made by my local barista is just my little piece of Heaven on Earth when I go on an outing.

SO, while out at the mall today to go shopping (well…cruising….not really SHOPPING….cha-ching no have, remember?)….I had to stop at Starbucks.  What? Shopping (cruising) with no coffee? Why do you think I got this stroller with the cup holders? I open my wallet and find two, yes TWO, measly little dollars.  Change purse? Quarters? Nickel, dime, 3 pennies….breath….breath….you can’t get anything at the Bucks for Two Dollars and 18 cents!(is that why its called the bucks?) I’m going on a wonderful weekend to NY in 2 weeks so I had to bank the rest of my mom money for that….but i was SURE i left myself enough for a little coffee treat!!!

Scanning the menu for something, anything, wonderful to drink and to feed my little addiction….i see it…tall (TALL?) iced coffee (WHAT? so boring)….$2.00.  Ugh….i order it, praying my measly 18 cents will cover the tax.  14 cents? done.  Now i’m wandering through the mall…cursing my NY trip for taking my mom money.  But as I shop (cruise) I sip….I head into BEBE. WHAT!!! 65% off already marked down prices!! Second weakness, cute clothes at GREAT prices.  I reluctantly peruse the rack, cursing again, and walk out with nothing but my sad little iced coffee in hand.

But guess what….as sad as I am to leave the store empty handed and as the caffeine runs its way through my veins, i realize that…despite some of the things I had to give up today….I’m happy.  I’m happy about my banking of the money for my NY trip with my gal pals, I’m happy I didn’t give in and buy something AMAZING at BEBE (there are amazing things there ladies), and I’m glad that even though it’s not my Grande Soy Green Tea Latte, I still got SOME little treat. I only have a little bit of money to work with….and It’s the decisions on what to do with it that make it hard.  But in the end….it was all good.  I have money to spend in NY (for more coffee!!), I didn’t buy something that i really don’t need and is probably not baby proof anyway (or coffee spill proof!!) and I still got that little jolt that I adore so much (I LOVE COFFEE!!!!!!)

Side note: Seriously….65% off clearance prices.  And it’s not junk….there were some really cute things there…..If you’ve got some mom money and you’re not inclined to spend it on coffee….seriously some cute stuff…

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Tweeze or Dry?

tweeze or dry

 Each day, moms are faced with a number of choices. They’re not always serious, life or death choices. Today, I got out of the shower, saw my restless baby, and knew that I didn’t have much time left to get ready because he was about to wake up wet and hungry. After a quick glance in the mirror as I hurriedly brushed my teeth, I noticed my hairy Sasquatch eyebrows. It was then I knew I needed to make a decision…should I tweeze my crazy hairy eyebrows or blow dry my hair. I still needed to put my make up on, lather on some lotion, and get dressed, with on a few precious moments left to myself before my baby time bomb was set to go off. It was then I made the decision to tweeze. I’ve been pretty consistent with blow drying my hair and getting myself ready for the day so I figured today it was ok if I threw my mane in a ponytail.

It’s amazing how times have changed. Before I got that big fat positive test (and the 10 more positives I took after that first one), it took me an hour to get ready in the morning, and I thought that was pretty fast. Now I’m lucky if I can eek out 25 or 30 minutes to get myself together and that includes a shower!  And boy do those 25 minutes go by fast! But I sure am grateful for those few precious moments I have to myself these days!

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The worse he feels..the better a Mom I am…

Sounds harsh right…but it’s like this.  The whole first year of my son’s life…I have kinda felt like a quiet obeserver.  The first 3 to 4 months that I was breastfeeding I felt very needed (or my boobs felt needed)…but since then…He’s the one who rolled over by himself, plays nicely with himself, sat up by himself, and now stands alone and feeds himself….I’m kinda just the chick that wipes his the poop off his bum.

I never really thought that I would feel outcasted until H became a teenager…but i do.  He’s always been very independant, which is great, but I always thought motherhood would be a little more….mothering?  Sometimes I feel a little like a maid/cook/chaffeur more than a mom.  I sometimes feel like he doesn’t need me unless he needs to be changed or wants some food.  Until these past couple days.

H has been congested, has a bad cough which keeps him up at night and during naps (which means I’ve had a nice little run with no sleep), and just plain feels like crap.  You can see it in his sad little face.  But the worse it gets….the more I feel like a MOM….you know?  I comfort, I soothe, I nuture.  It’s like he’s so grateful to just have me hold him and give him some milk and pat his back during a coughing fit.  I feel like I’m not just the washer of clothes and the wiper of bums, but I’m needed for a totally emotional reason….I’m needed for love and comfort, and to just let him feel like everything is going to OK.   And i have to say, selfishly, It’s a great feeling.

I feel so bad that my little man is not feeling good, but it makes me feel great about myself.  I feel like i’m fulfilling the role of “Mom”, and every day that I can make him feel a little better, the more pats on the back I give myself. 

(sigh) Now I have to go wash puke out of his pj’s…….

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I forgot to eat today

I was working on a bunch of my ongoing little projects today, as well as keeping a 14 week old baby happy, when I realized at around 4pm that I hadn’t eaten all day. Usually I have a bowl of cereal in the morning. I had to stop and think about whether or not I had my bowl of cereal…nope. I didn’t eat lunch either.

Well, now it’s an awkward time where I can’t have a meal because my husband will be home around 6:30pm and we’ll have dinner then. Then I got busy restocking the diaper bag, making bottles, and getting myself and the baby ready to go out and wasn’t hungry anymore.


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10 Reasons Not to Run Today…

1) It’s Tuesday

2) I’d be missing the eight hour marathon that is the Michael Jackson memorial

3) I ate kinda healthy yesterday….so nothing to make up for….I’ll be sure to eat unhealthy today so I’ll HAVE to run tomorrow

4)Baby is off schedule today (like he’s ON schedule any other day….but still….valid reason)

5) It’s too hot outside

6) It’s too cold inside

7)I didn’t completely despise my body when I woke up….so that’s a good day… 🙂

8 ) I still have a couple months before vacay….i’ll just double up on days later….

9)I don’t have any clean workout wear

10) Cuz not running is more fun than running

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Baby clothing sizes, wtf!?

Who comes up with clothing sizes for babies? I mean really! WEB is a little over 3 months old, but he’s very long and kind of skinny. Most of his clothes are too wide and too short. He grows out of the length far faster than he grows out of the width. There are clothes he has by Circo (from Target – aka my 2nd home) that say 3 months and are way too big. He can still fit into some of the newborn sizes from them! What the…? The only clothes that seem to fit him perfectly are by Carter’s, but it seems like he grows out of them super fast.

The sad part is that sometimes I don’t really notice that he’s grown out of things until I already have it on him. Then, I’ve already fought with him to get it on and don’t want to piss him off again to change his outfit, so that day (or night) he wears something that is just a little too small. It’s actually kind of funny when he throws his little tantrums and does the “stiff as a board” move and the neck of the shirt scoops down like a low scoop neck shirt.

Another issue is the size of his feet. When I was pushing him out into the world, my Dr. made a comment about how big his head was (like I didn’t already know that!), and then said how big his hands and feet were. For a Dr. to make a comment about the size of his hands and feet seems like a pretty big deal to me since he sees lots and lots of baby hands and feet day in and day out. This means that the cute little baby shoes that people bought him don’t fit and never did fit him. Also, I feel bad because some of the feet in the feety pjs are too small. So if the pjs fit him length-wise, they probably don’t fit his feet.

I guess WEB has as many sizing issues as any other person when they’re buying clothes. The only difference is that he doesn’t seem to care one bit. I guess that’s a beauty of his situation. Now if only I could be as easy going about my clothing issues… 😉

Mom, I don't think scoop necks are for me...

Mom, I don't think scoop necks are for me...

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Could this chick BE more amazing??

Seriously?  Could she? That’s right y’all….talkin’ ’bout my girl Heather.  ‘Sup H-DAWG!!!

What’s all the commotion, you say? I just got her outrageously beautiful baby announcements yesterday.  I’m speechless….it’s all i can say. how does someone take care of a 3 month old baby and still have the time, patience, and sanity to pull off announcements like these.  I didn’t even do ANY when H was born…..I could barely pull myself to the computer and wouldn’t even DREAM of trying to think how to use Snapfish.  My brain might have melted to sugary mush (cuz i’m sweet…that’s why I chose sugary…) had I tried to finagle the complicated task of breastfeeding while uploading pics (whaaa?)

So enjoy these hand made, totally wonderful pics of WEB and the artfulness that is my BF Heather!!  WARNING: Shameless promoting ahead…..check out her blog


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