Posted by: diapersanddivas | July 3, 2009

Let’s take a ride….

ChicagoJersey05 041

This is a story about 2 best friends living on 2 different coasts, raising their kids together via text messaging.  We’re just 2 quasi-normal, sexy as hell, fun-loving chicks, Heather and Lani, and we’re trying to get along with life as best we can.  Juggling marriage, careers and lack thereof, raising kids, making new friends, struggling to keep up with old ones, and trying to find 5 minutes in the day to catch up with sleep can get the best of you.  With your sounding board clear on the other side of the country, it’s easy to lose your mind.  Starting this blog was an idea for us to keep in touch with each other, and hopefully for us to share our experiences, thoughts, and opinions with each other as well as with you. So what happens on this site is what we send via text, where pretty much anything goes…from shit to shopping, boobs to boots, Disney to diapers, and everything in between!  We’ll have fun with this and hopefully y’all do to!  Enjoy the ride, people!



  1. Hello Ladies!! Congrats on your blog. Can’t wait to read your stories =)

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