Posted by: diapersanddivas | July 7, 2009

Could this chick BE more amazing??

Seriously?  Could she? That’s right y’all….talkin’ ’bout my girl Heather.  ‘Sup H-DAWG!!!

What’s all the commotion, you say? I just got her outrageously beautiful baby announcements yesterday.  I’m speechless….it’s all i can say. how does someone take care of a 3 month old baby and still have the time, patience, and sanity to pull off announcements like these.  I didn’t even do ANY when H was born…..I could barely pull myself to the computer and wouldn’t even DREAM of trying to think how to use Snapfish.  My brain might have melted to sugary mush (cuz i’m sweet…that’s why I chose sugary…) had I tried to finagle the complicated task of breastfeeding while uploading pics (whaaa?)

So enjoy these hand made, totally wonderful pics of WEB and the artfulness that is my BF Heather!!  WARNING: Shameless promoting ahead…..check out her blog




  1. Well, I can’t take all the credit. I did make DH help assemble when WEB would go to bed for the night. I also enlisted a friend to help with the design. And then I went to my parents’ house and put my mom to work too. I guess I’m just good at out sourcing… 😉

  2. AWESOME! Those announcements came out fab! Great Job Heather.

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