Posted by: diapersanddivas | July 8, 2009

Tweeze or Dry?

tweeze or dry

 Each day, moms are faced with a number of choices. They’re not always serious, life or death choices. Today, I got out of the shower, saw my restless baby, and knew that I didn’t have much time left to get ready because he was about to wake up wet and hungry. After a quick glance in the mirror as I hurriedly brushed my teeth, I noticed my hairy Sasquatch eyebrows. It was then I knew I needed to make a decision…should I tweeze my crazy hairy eyebrows or blow dry my hair. I still needed to put my make up on, lather on some lotion, and get dressed, with on a few precious moments left to myself before my baby time bomb was set to go off. It was then I made the decision to tweeze. I’ve been pretty consistent with blow drying my hair and getting myself ready for the day so I figured today it was ok if I threw my mane in a ponytail.

It’s amazing how times have changed. Before I got that big fat positive test (and the 10 more positives I took after that first one), it took me an hour to get ready in the morning, and I thought that was pretty fast. Now I’m lucky if I can eek out 25 or 30 minutes to get myself together and that includes a shower!  And boy do those 25 minutes go by fast! But I sure am grateful for those few precious moments I have to myself these days!



  1. Ummm….who gave you the suggestion to tweeze over blowdry? That’s right…holla atcha girl… Pluck you for no recognition! Ha ha…pluck you….ok…it’s not that funny….

    Lurv! Lani

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